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The Boiler Room: A My So-Called Life Podcast

Oct 31, 2019

Rayanne is VAMPIRE and Ricky is BRIAN and Brian's KEYS are in Brian's PANTS and did you know that ghosts are real and there's one named Nicky Driscoll haunting the halls of Lincoln High? Also Sharon is not a rat, okay?!?! We've got pirate sex for the #grahamcrackerhive! We've got Danielle scoring massive use of flannel points! We've got the best. costume. shop. lady. of. all. time. That's right! FINALLY! It's S1E9: Halloween! Awooooooo!!!!

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Theme Song by Chris Farren
Logo by Carra Sykes
Edited by Lauren Klein
Best Use of Flannel & Quiver Chin jingles by Lauren "Karen" Klein